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Hitch Starz® was created by Entrepreneur and Product Developer, Mr. T. Sylvester. He knew before the driving age of 16 that he would invent something for the automotive industry; but it wasn’t until he turned 32 years old that his dream become a reality. 

During the holiday season of 2002, Mr. Sylvester created the Illuminated Hitch Cover with changeable faceplates and named the product Hitch Starz®. Subsequently, by the following Fall of 2003 a US Patent was granted for his creation of the Changeable Illuminated Hitch Cover.

Hitch Starz® provides an easy and fun way for an automotive enthusiast with a hitch-equipped vehicle to personalize their vehicle by creating a product that allowed for the faceplate to be changed anytime the end-user desired. So, not only can you design their own illuminated hitch covers but you can also change the faceplate design or your logo anytime you desire with your own custom design or logo; without having to invest in a complete new hitch cover. Thus, making Hitch Starz® products the most desirable illuminated hitch cover on the market today!

The customer can choose from a selection of pre-designed faceplates (sold separately) or design their own exclusively by using Our website template under the “Design Your Own Hitch Cover” tab (sold separately). Simply upload your own photo, logo or design and add your own text for a unique and personalized touch. To get you started every Hitch Starz® changeable Illuminated hitch cover will automatically come with the beautiful full-color USA Flag/Eagle faceplate; but this could be easily changed with your own design once you receive your order.   

Once an Inventor. . . always an Inventor. In 2015, Mr. Sylvester was granted a second US Patent for his Bling Ring™ product creation. The Bling Ring™ is an accessory (sold separately) for your Hitch Starz® changeable Illuminated hitch cover which adds sparkle to your illuminated hitch cover. The Bling Ring™ simply attaches to your unique hitch cover by sliding it over the rear-channel of your hitch cover. Please note that the Bling Ring™ is designed to work exclusively with the 2″ Hitch Starz® changeable Illuminated hitch cover product only and will not work with other hitch covers.

We look forward to assisting you with personalizing your vehicle and hope you’ll share your positive experience with your friends & family. 

We’re confident you’ll enjoy your unique Hitch Starz® changeable Illuminated hitch cover which is backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty! *Please see Warranty details for more information.